We have released a minor update version of Mass++, Ver.4 Beta 2, to fix some major bugs in ver.4 Beta, which was released last June.

You can download the installer for Windows/macOS/Linux (64 bit version) from the Download page of this site. (The link to the download page has been corrected. (December 9, 2021))

In the fixed version, the following three bugs have been fixed.

  • The precursor ion masses of MS/MS spectra imported from an mzML file were not displayed in the spectrum view table (“SpectrumViewTable”) in the Raw data tab.
  • The peptide identification process for MS/MS spectra, which should be executable when the Project tab is open, was not.
  • For the macOS/Linux version, the peak list was not generated during the peptide identification process when the Project tab is open; the peptide identification process thus could not be executed.

And, as a new feature, axes and scales can now be displayed in the 3D view.

For peptide identification on macOS, you need “msconvert” and “comet,” which can be executable on macOS. No binary versions for macOS of these software are distributed. If you are to build from the source codes by yourself, please refer to the following site (You need prior knowledge on using the “make” program to build UNIX programs).

Self-build “msconvert” on macOS:


Self-build “comet” on macOS:


Please pay attention; we have found that the Linux version of Ver.4 Beta 2 (both Debian/Ubuntu and RPM versions) may not be able to display 3D heatmaps due to JavaVM issues depending on the operating environment. If you are unable to display 3D heatmaps in your environment, please contact us at contact[at]mspp.ninja.