History of Mass++ Development and Web Resources


The development of Mass++ began in 2006, as part of a Japanese government-granted scientific research project. Currently, no public funding supports this project. At present, this web site and the OSDN web pages linked from this site are the only “formal” supporting webpages of the project, though some resources that have not been maintained are still accessible on the web.

The first published webpage of the project (http://masspp.jp/) still remains accessible; however, this web page is no longer maintained and has not been updated since April 2012. was discarded on February 2017, and the access to this URL is automatically re-directed to this (our) site. (added on Mar. 18, 2018)

Similarly, the Google Group mailing list for technical support (not shown in this figure) is still available; however, no developer is participating in the operation of this mailing list since April 10, 2015. In fact, we (The Users Group) do not hold the admin account any more, thus it is impossible for us to respond as the administrator.



For contact

At this time (June, 2016), there is no plan of generating a new mailing list for technical support; to contact us, please send e-mails to the following address:

Mail: contact[at]mspp.ninja
( Replace [at] with @ )