Recently we had an inquiry, so here we release relevant information.

Q. I got an error message “Failed to get instrument list.” when starting Mass++. [ver.2.7.4/5]


Mass++ has a plug-in to access MassBank, a mass spectral database launched in Japan; however, the Japanese server of MassBank has been shut down as of August 2018 (a new database system is in development – if you access MassBank Japan via the web, it will be redirected to the top page of the MassBank EU server). The error message above will therefore be displayed when Mass++ loads the MassBank plug-in program. None of the other functions are affected by this message; if you do not want to see this message, please perform one of the following two options (a) or (b):

(a) Delete the entire folder of this plugin in your PC folder in which Mass++ is installed: (your Mass++ folder)\plugins\MassBankPlugin.

# Deleting this folder will not cause any issues since the new MassBank Japan will be implemented under a completely different system, thus this plug-in will not be operable in the future. The current MassBank Japan server will no longer be available.

(b) Disable the MassBank plug-in by the following steps;

i) Start Mass++.

ii) Select [Plugin Manager] from [Tools] menu.

The “Plugin Manager” window will be displayed.

iii) Select “MassBank Tools” in [Plug-ins] and un-check all boxes in [Components].

iv) Click the [Apply] button.

v) The Dialog for rebooting Mass++ will be displayed; click [Yes].

vi) Mass++ will restart and no error message for this issue will be displayed after this.